The Ghoulish Times | 10/16/21

Burton Ball - Celluloid Screams - Night Frights

Hello and welcome to the 5th issue of The Ghoulish Times. I have maybe, at the most, three hours before I have to get my car packed and then leave my house, so do not expect this newsletter to be long.

Today and tomorrow my partner Lori Michelle and myself will have a vendor table for our small press, Perpetual Motion Machine, at the annual Burton Ball in San Antonio. From the Eventbrite page: “The Burton Ball will be complete with spooky dance music, creepy décor, film projections, food, live Burton themed art, vendors and more!”

If you’re local and vaccinated, I hope to see you there this weekend.

Also coming up very quickly—on Wednesday I am leaving the country and flying to England. Specifically, to London, followed by another quick flight to Manchester, where I will then take a train to Sheffield. I’ve never left the United States before and I’m pretty excited to visit England, although I am not excited whatsoever about the travel aspect. A 15-hour plane ride sounds like absolute hell and I promise you at one point during this trip I will get lost. Probably on the train. It’s going to happen.

Why am I going to the UK? Great question! The movie I wrote, We Need to Do Something, is making its UK premiere at Celluloid Screams Fest on October 22nd (or, 22 October, I guess is how I’m supposed to write it?). The film festival invited me to join them for a Q&A and book signing for the premiere. They’re also kindly paying for my travel and lodging, otherwise there’s no way I would have ever been able to afford to go out there, so that was extra nice of them. To be honest, I am already sick of watching WNTDS. I’ve seen it probably over 100 times at this point, since I was involved with some of the editing of the movie. It’s my not-so-secret hope that this is the last time I have to watch it, and what a great sendoff it will be! In the freakin’ UK!

More details about Celluloid Screams HERE.

Happy October, folks! It’s time to announce our second issue of Night Frights, our annual young-adult horror magazine. We have a tremendous table of contents to share with you, so let’s not wait a second longer!

In the second issue of Night Frights magazine, we have stories by Christa Carmen, Greg Cypress, James Dorr, Gina Easton, Alyson Faye, Ken MacGregor, Donna J.W. Munro, Matthew Stott, and Roger Venable. Also includes a classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe and an article all about Halloween!

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That’s all for this newsletter. Apologies for not having much else to say. Super stressed about packing for this weekend’s festival, plus preparing for my trip to the UK in a couple days. I also really want to finish the first draft of my new novel, Maggots Screaming!, before I leave the country, and I’m not sure I’m going to have time to pull it off. It’s currently at 86,000 words and I imagine there’s another 10,000 or 15,000 to bust out before reaching the end. Time’s ticking, folks. If you’re interested in reading an excerpt from the book, I posted this little section on my Patreon the other day.

Oh yeah, last night I finished Flanagan’s Midnight Mass and—no hyperbole—I think it’s one of the best pieces of art I’ve ever experienced. Here is what I tweeted this morning:

I intend on writing something much longer about the show here on the newsletter in the near future. I need more time to gather my thoughts. But wow. Fucking wow. I don’t even feel like watching or reading anything else for a couple days. I just want to live in that world for as long as possible.


Frank where did your ears go!?

Okay, that’s it for this week. You can support us on Patreon, browse the books in our webstore, and follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter [PMMP | DMD | Ghoulish | personal). You can also join us on the Ghoulish Discord.

See you next Saturday, ghouls.